Barcelona apartment

We had a pretty rough start to Barcelona yesterday. We arrived about 4 hours before our check in time so decided to walk the city with all our stuff to find our place. Honestly that walk was way harder than the marathon a couple weeks ago. It was hot, uphill, and really really far away. It took us about 3 hours to walk it, but we made it and settled in. Our apartment is in the middle of a park way up overlooking Barcelona. It makes for great views, bit literally a hike to get home. After settling in we desperately needed to do laundry so we packed a bag and headed down into town in search of laundry and dinner. Both went just fine until we started for home and it started to down pour. Rained the whole way home and we were completely frozen. We laid out our wetclothes all over the apartment and they were still damp today. Oh well, such is the life of a traveller. Today has been fun exploring the city, all though it’s still pretty cool here.









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