Wow… What an incredible experience! Andy and I both survived the marathon and are already planning our trip back next year. I feel like on this trip the marathon was the only thing we really were sure of and felt comfortable with… Yeah it hurts but a race is the same whether you do it in Middleton, WI or Trieste, Italy.

Neither of us could sleep last night, just nervous about waking up and then the fireworks started at 11 pm. We woke up at 6 and were at the bus station by 7 for the bus to drive us out 26.2 miles. The weather forecast was cloudy and rainy for today and it was pretty cold in the morning but by the end we were thankful for the cloud cover to keep the heat out. Plus running in the rain was already amazing and then we added Italy to the mix… One of the best days of my life by far! It was great too, as I was in the porta potty I could hear this group of girls speaking in English. As soon as I could I introduced myself and it turns out they are military wives from the U.S. stationed near Trieste. God is so good for providing us some friends for the race.

After the start we ran through several adorable Italian villages. It was such a good way to practice our Italian and just meet people. Little kids gave us high fives and young and old were out see the runners. Almost 9,000 people participated in the event but only several hundred did the marathon. There was also a half marathon and 5k. I was a little worried we would be out there all alone with so few running but they had it run so smoothly. Aid stations were every 5k with oranges, bananas, gingerbread cookies, little pies, energy drink, and even tea.

After the villages we ran through a lot of country side. Most of the course was downhill… Amazing. And we were able to end with over 10 miles along the coast of the Adriatic sea. Breathtaking. Everyone was so friendly and sweet and we made some great friends along the way from all over the world. We didn’t end up taking our camera with the severe rain that was called for but we’ll see if any good ones were taken by the race photographers later. We stuck together for 23 miles and pushed through the typical cramps and aches associated with marathons. Andy had it worse than I did but he pushed through.

Well, just wanted to give everyone a quick race report and let you know we made it out alive and un-injured. Now to go find some pasta for dinner. Shouldn’t be too hard to do!





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